1. This Promotional Campaign (“Campaign”) is organised and run by Western Province Blood, including its affiliates, partners, associations and agents (“Organisers”). The Campaign is open for entry by all South African or International residents.
  2. By entering the Campaign, all participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which will be interpreted by the organisers and the Organisers’ decision regarding any issue will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
  3. This campaign utilises the Campaign website, Facebook and Twitter as the entry mechanism.
  4. No responsibility will be accepted for any entry that is not delivered, received or is delayed or damaged due to technical reasons or otherwise.
  5. To enter this Campaign, all participants are required to follow the process below.
    1. The campaign mechanic is as follows:
      • Participants visit keepthebeatgoing.co.za
      • Participants need to register as Donors on The Campaign Website.
      • Participants can then take part in the viral element of the campaign by making a short video clip of how they keep the beat going buy making a musical beat and nominating someone else to do the same.
      • The video must then be published on the participant’s own Facebook and/or Twitter accounts using the hashtag #KeepTheBeatGoing and #WPBlood.
      • Only videos posted on Twitter may be featured on the Campaign Website.
      • Videos featured on the website are at random and in no specific order.
    2. The Organisers reserve the right to monitor and audit any submitted videos, as well as repurpose the videos for use on the Organisers’ Facebook and Twitter pages.
  6. Prizes
    1. The Organiser may choose to randomly award spot prizes during the duration of the campaign.
      1. Winners of spot prizes will be direct messaged on Twitter
      2. Two (2) attempts will be made to contact the individual before a new winner is selected
      3. Winners will need to direct message WP Blood @WPBlood on Twitter with their contact number and email address
      4. WP Blood will contact winners for delivery details using telephone or email communication
    2. This campaign will run for a limited time. Entries received after the closing date will not be considered.
    3. The Prizes will be awarded on a date of the Organiser’s choosing.
    4. The Prizes will be dispatched to the winner once the organisers have confirmed the identification of the winner. The Prizes will be delivered to the winner’s address as provided by the winner(s) upon being contacted by the organisation via Facebook message, email or phone call.
    5. The Prizes are not exchangeable for cash, and will not be transferable or negotiable.
    6. The Organisers reserve the right to substitute the Prize for an alternative prize of equal or greater value should the Prize promoted not be available due to unforeseen circumstances;
  7. Should the participants agree to it, the Organisers may publish any participants name, surname and images, including photographs and videos on, amongst other things, the Organiser’s Facebook and Twitter pages without any liability to the Organisers or remuneration due to the participant.
  8. The Organisers reserve the right to extend, reasonably shorten or suspend the time period of the Campaign whenever it should so choose for technical, commercial, or operation reasons, or for the greater public good, or due to a “force majeure” event or generally for any reason whatsoever within its sole discretion, on condition that it notifies the participants in a manner that is expedient according to its best ability.
  9. The Organisers reserves the right to amend the rules and/or terminate this Campaign immediately at any stage, whether required as a result of changes in legislation, or if required by any national, provincial or municipal authority, or within the sole discretion of the company for any reason whatsoever. Notice of such termination shall be published on the Campaign website. In such an event, all participants waive any rights that they may have/purport to have in terms of this Campaign, and acknowledge that they will have no recourse against the Organisers whatsoever.
  10. All participants indemnify the Organisers, its associated and subsidiary companies, and its directors, officers and employees, against any and all claims for any loss or damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise, arising from any cause whatsoever from their participation in any way howsoever in this Competition.
  11. South African law shall govern these competition rules and the courts of South Africa shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
  12. Western Province Blood will communicate with any winners via email as the preferred method of communication, and telephonically as a secondary means. Western Province Blood reserves the right to contact the participants and any selected winners as and when required.
  13. By enrolling as a donor, you agree to further communication from WPBTS and Affiliates.